Product Overview


Records and Information Governance is an essential part of running a legal practice. Few professions are more reliant on documents, and no profession is faced by more stringent regulatory requirements for how they are managed, cataloged, routed, stored, encrypted, and secured.

Kyocera has helped law firms of all sizes manage their documents more efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. We design and implement customized solutions that adhere to state and local compliance standards, and accommodate the increasing variety of formats: paper and digital documents, audio files, video and static imagery, emails, and more.

Streamline All Document-Related Tasks

Seamless integration with server-based or cloud-based Enterprise Content Management Systems

  • High-volume, high-speed scanning, faxing, copying and printing
  • Route over-sized files quickly and securely with full audit trail
  • Automated OCR, indexing, Bates stamping, barcode recognition

Device Security, Data Encryption & Cost-Control

User-specific restrictions enable case-specific or function-specific access

  • Password-based or HID card-based  authentication
  • Multifactor authentication meets HSPD-12 standards
  • Customizable cost-recovery solutions for all functions