Product Overview


Information is at the heart of healthcare: medical histories, patient data, consultation notes, lab results and more – all must be available and accessible.

Information is at the heart of the business of healthcare: financial records, insurance information, regulatory documents – and all of it must be managed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Kyocera delivers data and document solutions to healthcare organizations of all sizes. We assist in the transition to cloud-based EMR systems, streamline back-office processes, and help organizations ensure that they remain fully HIPAA compliant.

Full Integration with ECM, including EMR

Secure, on-demand access to clinical data, images, and billing information

  • Digital and paper admission, registration, and referral forms
  • Access clinical information, across media formats
  • Integration with server-based or cloud-based storage

HIPAA Compliance & Cerner Certification

Kyocera healthcare solutions help healthcare organizations comply with HIPAA

  • Unique user identification; AES 256-bit encryption
  • Data back-up and remote storage
  • More than 100 Kyocera devices are Cerner-certified
  • Document confidentiality; document and device security and accessibility